Empirical Testing Corp.

ETC holds A2LA accreditation for the largest number of medical device testing methods in the United States.

Empirical Testing Corp. has been partnering with you since 1998
as the global leader in orthopaedic device testing.

Why ETC?

Why ETC?

As holder of the A2LA's ISO/IEC 17025:2005 test laboratory accreditation certificate #2142-01, ETC is recognized as capable and qualified to perform testing and evaluation of orthopaedic devices in compliance with ASTM/ISO guidelines in the area of finished medical devices. We are the global leader in orthopaedic device testing and hold A2LA accreditation for the largest number of medical device testing methods in the United States.

We partner with you.

While our extensive scope of accreditation covers a wide variety of medical devices, our vast experience and dedication to your success also includes services such as the development and testing of custom protocols, specialized educational opportunities and several areas of research support; including but not limited to sterilization validation and literature research.

We have the experience.

From the moment you engage in a partnership with ETC, and throughout your product development cycle, you'll receive prudent suggestions based, not only on your test results, but on our years of specialized bio-medical engineering experience, knowledge and insight. Ultimately, as part of your team, we are committed to your success and deliver a scientifically-based report that can make the difference when advancing your product to market.

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